Derma Business Pte Ltd is a skincare company which is established in July 2014. Our belief is that skin is like an ecosystem. We are devoted to work with natural ingredients expert which deliver the best efficacy to our skin safely through science and technology.


CLAIR® emphasize on the safety and effectiveness of product content which contains no alcohol, no artificial color, no paraben, and no stimulating ingredients that is safe for sensitive skin.
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From cultivating rose plantations in Korea, Rose Dew Real Rose is a range of moisturizing skincare products developed by rose ingredient experts which popularizes edible rose resulting from R&D in eco-friendly extraction technology of Mrs Mariatta Red Roses and Rogue Versaille Gold Roses.
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Why Brown Bottle?

Ordinary bottle can bring about oxidation of contents because light passes through the container directly inside. It results in deterioration of product. Some beneficial ingredients may then turn harmful. Using brown-colored container, this helps to block out light and keeps contents fresh.

Rose Otto Essential Oil

‘Rose Otto Essential Oil’ is not only the highest quality but the most expensive type of rose oil used in aroma therapy.  Known as the “Queen of oils”, it has a high content of Vitamin C and A, which is effective on the recovery of fatigue skin and restoring the softness to your skin. Also containing Tocoferol component, Rose Dew Real Rose products help soothe and moisturize your skin. Products containing Rose Otto Essential Oil is suitable for all skin types and helps manage skin troubles. Over time, you will have crystal clear and lively skin.

Not to mention the pleasant scent of rose helps deliver a therapeutic soothing effect.

About Otto Methods

‘Otto’ is one of the extraction methods. It is extracting something using only steam distillation. Thus, ‘Rose Otto Essential Oil’ has little toxin substances. Unlike other extraction method, extractions using otto method is safe for use on our skin.