At Derma Business, we believe that our skin is like an ecosystem.We work towards “educating” the skin to help renew and repair itself.

Derma Business began only as a dream.

The founder of Derma Business hailed from the pharmaceutical background, working with multiple corporations building skincare brands, while harbouring thoughts of starting a business.

The business revolves around the idea of curating unique products based on the efficacy of science and technology.

As such, Derma Business was founded with the intent to introduce effective skin care products which could benefit more consumers whom are looking for simple skincare products that work.

Derma Business was founded in 2014, beginning its operations through the distribution of two Korean skincare brands. However, the ever seeking for a range of skincare products with better effectiveness led to the birth of our own in-house brand – Clair® Skin Solutions.

Derma Business continues to innovate and hand-pick effective and respectful skincare products, working together with natural ingredient experts and experienced technologist to identify ingredients and technology which improves product efficacy of all skincare categories from cleansers to sunblock and many more.

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